It’s always good to hear that the service we provided to one of our clients effectuated a positive experience and had a beneficial impact.

Our goal is to provide a quick and easy experience for all of our clients who seek funding while being as transparent and professional as possible. We are pleased to share some of our most recent client accolades with you!

Chiquita J.

Florida HVAC Company Owner
Thank you, Andy! We would never have been able to buy our business without your team’s help!

Kevin W.

Texas Independent Owner Operator (trucker)
The [equipment company] said we can go pickup the trailer. Done deal! To be honest I didn’t think this deal would go through today. You guys hustled on this one!

Mackenzie J.

South Texas Home Health Care Business Owner
Wire came in this morning. Again thank you Benito for helping us out. We actually were able to make payroll on time, so we won’t have to deal with all the bank fees. Seriously thank you!

Dr. Phillips

Pennsylvania Physician
Hey this is Dr. Phillips. I wanted to let you know the first bed arrived; our vendor said the other four should arrive by next week. Anyway, thanks again and guys talk you soon! (the voicemail he left after receiving medical beds financed through Goldberg HedgeFunds).