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Revenue Based Financing

Revenue Based Financing

Many of our clients have taken advantage of our “Hyberg Funding Program”. The Hyberg program considers all the company’s business bank deposits. These deposits include checks, debit cards, credit cards, cash, direct deposits, wires, ACH, and other deposits that are reflected on your business bank statements.

Small businesses and start-ups do not typically have a lengthy credit history to fall back on. Consequently, the Hyberg program is one of our most popular funding solutions because the program utilizes the previous 12 months business income records to qualify and NOT the owners credit rating.

Basic Required Documents:
Twelve Most Recent Consecutive Business Bank Statements
Articles of Incorporation or DBA Certificate (or other similar documents)
Proof of EIN (SS4, Tax Return, IRS Correspondence, etc.)
Owner’s Driver's License / ID Card
Proof of SSN
1) How Fast Are The Funds Provided? 2) How long are the payback periods? 3) Can These Funds Be Used For Any Business Purpose? 4) Are start ups eligible?

We can fund the same day.

Our maximum payback period for any program is 14 months.

There are no stipulations for how the capital can be utilized.

Our standard funding procedure requires twelve months of business banks statements; however, we can leverage other business assets to make sure your company receives the funding it needs. Contact Us to get more information.