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Invoice Factoring

Invoice Factoring

Invoice Factoring is a great option for any business that has outstanding invoices. Whether you are a medical professional, provide professional services, or a manufacturer, we can help you by proving cash up front based upon your invoices.

Basic Required Documents:
Articles of Incorporation (or other similar document) of entity that holds real estate
Proof of EIN (SS4, Tax Return, IRS Correspondence, etc.) of entity that holds real estate
Owner’s Drivers License / ID Card
Owner’s Secondary ID (passport, military ID, utility bill, professional license with photo ID)
Proof of SSN (social security card, irs correspondence, etc.)
Invoice(s) of the equipment you are seeking financing of.
1) If my business issues invoice, but I am not one of the examples listed am I still able to qualify? 2) I have limited credit history, or I have bad credit history, am I still able to qualify? 3) My company is a start up or is new; however, I have outstanding invoices. Do I still qualify? 4) How will my payments be structured?

Yes, as long as your business issues invoices you are still able to qualify for this program. This program is based upon the outstanding invoices your business has issues to customers.

Yes. This program is dependent on the outstanding invoices your company has issued; however, we consider all relevant factors.

Yes. We are able to consider startups and relatively new companies. As long as the invoices your company provides are verified for completed work or services we can move forward.

There are no monthly payment to worry about. Since this is not a loan, merely an advance upon invoices your company has outstanding there are no monthly payments you have to make.