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International Financing

International Financing

We have funded projects in Mexico and Canada. We know that international financing is not one-size-fits-all. Custom-fit endeavors like these require creative funding solutions.

Some of our international funding projects have included financing a liquor import/export company with branches in the U.S. and Mexico, financing commercial real estate in Mexico City Santa Fe district, funding equipment for a regional pizza franchise in Canada, financing an oil driller in Mexico, funding a finance company in Mexico City, and a partner buyout for a call in center in Toronto, Canada.

1) Do you provide international financing anywhere else besides the United States, Mexico and Canada? 2) What type of collateral is needed? 3) Are there any requirements or criteria I need to meet in order to qualify? 4) Are you looking to start a business or expand your business into Canada or Mexico? Call us to see if we can help!

Currently, we only fund businesses in Mexico, Canada, and the United States. But we’re a dynamic company so we’re always open to expanding our market if the right opportunity presents itself.

All of our international financing projects have involved custom made solutions. Collateral, down payment, interest rates, and closing costs are flexible.

Please speak to one of our international financing specialists. These types of projects are different and unique; therefore, the underwriting criteria depends on the characteristics of each project.

We possess the expertise for helping businesses navigate the requirements for doing business in Mexico and Canada. Permits, office locations, logistics, staffing, tax consequences, creating the corporate charter and funding are just a few of the areas where we can provide help and direction.