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Equipment Financing

Equipment Financing

Yellow Iron (construction equip.), Industrial Kitchens, Office Equipment, or even a new tractor, we can help you acquire the equipment you need without depleting your cash reserves! We have helped hundreds of clients acquire the equipment they need quickly, efficiently, and at a competitive rate.

Equipment financing through Goldberg HedgeFunds is a simple process, in fact, on average, it takes three days from signing the application to your equipment vendor receiving payment.

Basic Required Documents:
Articles of Incorporation (or other similar document) of entity that holds real estate
Proof of EIN (SS4, Tax Return, IRS Correspondence, etc.) of entity that holds real estate
Owner’s Drivers License / ID Card
Owner’s Secondary ID (passport, military ID, utility bill, professional license with photo ID)
Proof of SSN (social security card, irs correspondence, etc.)
Invoice(s) of the equipment you are seeking financing of.
1) Does Goldberg HedgeFunds offer full financing for well qualified borrowers? 2) If I have a poor or limited credit history am I still able to qualify? 3) What equipment is considered? 4) I have a new business, am I still able to qualify?

Yes GHF can finance up to 100% of the equipment cost, potentially with no out of pocket costs.

Yes, we are able to qualify customers with poor or limited credit history.

Some examples of equipment we have financed or consider financing are: Medical Equipment, Gym Equipment, Office Furniture, Office Equipment, Computers, Monitors, Construction equipment, and much more!

As long as you have 12 months’ worth of business banking statements you are able to apply