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Credit Card Program

Credit Card Program

Whether you are a startup, new business, or even a seasoned business, establishing a commercial (business) credit history can be more than challenging. Establishing business credit requires a commercial account, which is hard to qualify for if you do not already have an established business credit history.

Fortunately, we have developed a program that will help you acquire a regular line of capital, while building your business credit history with regular payments. Our Credit Card Program uses your personal credit profile to apply for business credit cards which will report to your business and help build your business history. Moreover, these cards come with promotional rates that vary from 6 to 18 months of 0% APR depending on the business owners credit strength. After the promotional rates the cards return to normal market rates.

Basic Required Documents:
Articles of Incorporation (or other similar document) of entity that holds real estate
Proof of EIN (SS4, Tax Return, IRS Correspondence, etc.) of entity that holds real estate
Owner’s Drivers License / ID Card
Proof of SSN (social security card, irs correspondence, etc.)
Soft Credit Report (we won’t hard pull your credit. We have instructions on how you can pull your own credit without adding inquiries which can lower your FICO score).
1) What can I use these funds for? Are there any restrictions on the use of funds? 2) What do I do If I need to make a cash purchase or payment? 3) How fast can I receive funding from this program?

You can use these funds for any business purpose!

Go ahead and give us a call! We can offer liquidation services to access the cash you need off your card at an affordable cost

Ultimately these business cards are issued by the banks. Therefore, it can take up to two (2) weeks to receive the cards in the mail.