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We offer all of our Independent Sales Brokers (ISB’s) complimentary access to our proprietary CRM and application submissions portal.

But we don’t just stop there! We offer all of our ISB’s one of the best in the industry broker benefits:
  • ISB Sales Portal – Connects you to our world!
  • Portal provides continuous contact with your account executive
  • It also tracks your client’s progress throughout the underwriting process
  • With the portal, you can easily and quickly upload needed information to complete underwriting
  • Account executive support
  • Your account executive will be the liaison between you and Goldberg HedgeFunds; he or she’s sole purpose and responsibility is to help your clients get funded!
  • Bonus/Incentives
  • Hard workers like incentives; who doesn’t? We offer a monthly incentive to help you make even more $$$
  • Nationwide Funding Capabilities
  • We will fund your deal anywhere in the United States!
  • Puerto Rico, Guam, Virgin Islands Included!
  • International Funding
  • Mexico & Canada
  • The above information applies to all of our programs except for the credit card program which is U.S. only


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