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We offer all of our signed ISO’s complimentary access to our proprietary CRM and submissions portal.

But we don’t just stop there, we offer all of our ISO’s above industry class benefits:


  • ISO portal
    • Keep in contact with your account executive
    • Track your clients progress through underwriting
    • Easily and quickly upload needed information to continue underwriting
  • Account Executive
    • Your account executive assigned will be your liaison between you and Goldberg HedgeFunds, he/she sole purpose is to help your clients get funded!
  • Bonus Incentives
    • We all work better when we are incentivized. We conduct monthly bonus incentives to help you bring in more clients
  • Nationwide Funding
    • We will fund your deal anywhere in the United States!
    • Puerto Rico, Guam, Virgin Islands Included!
  • International Funding
    • Mexico & Canada
    • All of our programs apply here, except for the credit card program

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