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About Us

About Goldberg HedgeFunds

Goldberg HedgeFunds opened for business in 2014 as a funding company. We have grown to service the United States, Canada, and Mexico; however, our mission remains the same: Provide unparalleled service with flexible financial products so our clients can grow to become the next American dream.





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Goldberg HedgeFunds specializes in providing businesses capital.

Whether you need funding to expand your business, buy a new piece of equipment, or simply for working capital, we can fund your project. Call us!

Our Values

Risk management is the foundation of our business model, and because we are aware that our funding decisions directly affect a community,  we keep all of our activities transparent so we can deliver growth to our shareholders, employment opportunities to our community, and a fair payment to our vendors. That means, we fund companies that provide employment opportunities to our local communities for a win-win scenario.

Empowering our employees to reach their academia potential which increases their professional work craft empowers our associates to do what is best for the client, for the investors, and for the community.

We know the needs of our clients will change drastically from one day to another due to macroeconomics.  It is our mission to be proactive when we believe markets will go awry. This allows us to add value and sustain growth for our stakeholders.

Fun Fact
We improve the financial standing of the community with every completed transaction. Goldberg HedgeFunds is committed to providing financial solutions to our community.

Goldberg HedgeFunds is committed to providing financial solutions to historically underserved markets. We understand each business is unique, including your small business; therefore, why shouldn’t your funding options be as unique as your business?

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Minority Owned Businesses
GHF Operates In 3 International Locations
We Can Fund In All 50 States

It’s always good to hear that the capital we provided to one of our clients effectuated a positive experience and had a beneficial impact.

Our goal is to provide a quick and easy experience for all of our clients who seek funding while being as transparent and professional as possible. We are pleased to share some of our recent client accolades with you!